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NOTE- The rules will change over time, so keep checking for updates.

RULES, Please read


- Any Foolish behavior on our teamspeak 3 server, is not welcomed and will lead to a warning on the server.

- Any trollish behavior on our TS server, is not welcomed either but will only be punished by kicks or temp bans.

- Always have a respectful behavior while you're on our Teamspeak server!


- Admins/Moderator's have final say!

- Threatening other players about DDOS'ing, IP theft etc will result in a temp/perm ban from all of our servers, voice and gaming.

- Advertising on our teamspeak server is strictly forbidden! this will also result in a perm ban!

- Channel spamming is not allowed, this will result in a kick from the TS, and continuously doing it, will result in a ban!

- Always have the same name as your Steam or real name, this name also needs to carry over to the forums and in-game on other servers, failure to do so, will result in a warning, if you ignore the warning it will be a kick, if you are still ignoring the admin/mod, it will be a ban from the TS.

- Hacking is strictly forbidden if you're caught hacking, you will receive a perm ban from our Teamspeak!

- Racism is not accepted on our teamspeak 3 server, if your caught being a racists to people you will be banned!
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